One of the most fascinating and delicate sporting weapons is the bow, increasingly requested by athletes because it allows them to develop elegant techniques and a very high degree of precision. Compared to the traditional one, it is a very advanced instrument made with high-tech materials and which requires special care in order to be used safely and satisfactorily. It is an extremely rewarding weapon that gives great results on a sporting and competitive, and with training it is also suitable for the youngest athletes who can appreciate the advantages of the discipline and always seek new results. At the same it is also a tool that needs to be kept in perfect conditions. We offer professional maintenance and assistance, for every type of bow.

Typical types of bow intervention

The most frequent maintenance intervention on bows is, of course, the replacement of worn out strings, because insufficient tension prevents good aiming and if it is particularly damaged it risks breaking, jeopardizing the health and safety of the archer. In the various stages of advancement in the discipline, the string must be chosen based on its characteristics and those of the athletes’ body type, the strength they can exert with their fingers and the distance to the target. It must allow the hand to have good traction and at the same time to propel the arrow at the right speed. In fact, this last parameter is a key element for optimizing results from the point of view of precision and it changes considerably with the discipline and with athletes’ body structure and with their degree of specialization and expertise.

In connection with the string we find tensioning pulleys, made of aluminum and magnesium alloy, carbon or special plastic material and which because of their nature and radial traction often end up having more or less serious ovality problems which sometimes make it practically impossible to slide through correctly, therefore blocking the string. We then find all the fine calibrations that must be rigorously carried out by professionals experienced in this type of weapon, who are aware of the technical specifications and who are able to carry out a dynamometric evaluation with specific tools as well as, based on the physical characteristics of the archer, compensate for all the discrepancies with respect to ideal posture.

Bow maintenance and repair interventions are also used to obtain the right azimuthal degree and an identical elastic response level for both its tensor arms, which, while having undergone an accurate matching during the manufacturing phase, still have small performance differences, which become easier to recognize with time and aging of the elastic fibers. It is also necessary to optimize the counterweights, possibly replacing the old ones that tend to slide along the screw, always choosing solutions from the best brands that allow fine positioning, replace the locks and every part, and finally intervene on major damage to the elastic components.

Precision interventions for calibration and repair of bows and crossbows

Those listed above are just some of the interventions we offer in our professional laboratory for amateur archers, sportsmen and professionals. Our technicians in charge have a very long experience in the field, which has grown in parallel with the technology that has upgraded old sporting bows to the current precision versions that often outperform even the most refined firearms. We also offer calibration and maintenance services for traditional tools and historical replicas, often used for themed events and historical re-enactments.

Again, our professional intervention guarantees shooting efficiency, precision and resistance of each single component, including a check up of the wear of most fragile parts, the upgrade and replacement with compatible components and always in line with the type of weapon. We also install decorative components to mask modern mechanical parts and thus make the bow more consistent with the theme of the event, without however lowering its precision and shooting characteristics.

In our laboratory we also deal with precision weapons for competitions, made with components in aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and other advanced materials with high elastic performance and with shape memory that require particular management on the counter as well as the use of very high precision equipment to stay within the linearity range of the response and avoid critical tension points. Bow intervention can include different phases and in some cases it may also require the presence of the athlete, especially when it comes to taking measurements for optimal calibration. In this case, our representatives work in full compliance with the regulations regarding safety and social distancing and are always ready to respond to the most particular needs of archers who often require very personalized management of the characteristics of the angle shot.

All the components we use in our repairs are branded, or compatible, based on the budget and above all the needs of sportsmen who naturally may also need different components than the standard ones for an upgrade or for particular competitive activities that require different performances. We also offer consultancy for the application of carbon, fiber and Teflon spare parts for changes in range and power for professional athletic bows, in order to adapt them to the different categories of this competitive activity.

Repair your bow with us

For any problems related to your sports bow, contact us by email or by phone, or come and visit us in the laboratory. We will carry out a technical appraisal with our precision measuring equipment and our certified dynamometer, to verify the extent of the damage and problems and we will offer you a non-committal and free estimate for the intervention. All strictly respecting budget and timing to always offer you the best possible weapon for your competitive activity or for your entertainment in the shooting range or in the open air and for hunting bows.