The evaluation of used weapons and assistance for the permanent cessation of firearms are hot topics for those who have a gun license. In particular, these are services that we have been offering to customers for many years and in which we are particularly knowledgeable. We also guarantee maximum discretion and privacy, professionalism and clarity from the first contact and accompany our customers in all the necessary pre and post- sale phases, or throughout the entire process of the requested service. A weapon must always be disposed of in accordance with the law and to do so it is advisable to use an optimal assistance service for the definitive cessation of the weapons in question, whatever they may be. All this is possible only if the weapon is regularly detained and registered according to the regulations in force and, by contacting our representatives, you will not have to think about anything. We will take care of the formalities, give you the right assistance and all the exhaustive information regarding the necessary steps for the definitive termination.

Not only that, on request we also carry out a careful evaluation of used weapons. It often happens that customers do not want to definitively abandon their weapon but prefer to sell it, or in any case to know its actual market value. We recommend this service but of course it is good to always and only rely on specialized armories, therefore on institutional, serious and legally authorized channels. Based on the evaluation made, we can offer you an estimated range/price according to the current market, in line with the evaluations of used weapons specific for your type. Moreover, you will be informed about the procedures for the definitive cessation of weapons, the necessary practices and the variables on transport.

Sale of weapons and evaluations of used weapons

There are many reasons why our customers decide to switch weapons. One example might be reselling a rifle and perhaps switching to a different model. First of all, those who change weapons do so in favor of a newer, better performing version, thus changing the caliber, the weight, perhaps the shape, in order to find a more practical and manageable alternative. The new model on which we are oriented also changes according to age, the type of sport practiced with the same weapon, the strength of the customers themselves, sensitivity towards recoil and shooting ability.

For those who want to change their weapon, a careful and professional evaluation of used weapons is surely interesting. Armories recommend it because customers can thus save on the purchase of a new model, or they can decide on another used but much more expensive model than the one utilized until that moment. As mentioned, it is a hot topic and one that equally involves customers who practice at shooting ranges, those who are dedicated to hunting, those who practice clay pigeon shooting, but also those who are dedicated to sports with crossbows and bows at a competitive level and not just as a hobby.

In addition, you can decide to request assistance for the cessation, the disposal or the sale of used weapons in the event that one realizes they are not using their weapon as much as previously thought. Rather than having it at home without using it properly, one can decide to sell it. Furthermore, many customers make this decision when they become parents, or when they have teenagers or children in their home who may accidentally come into contact with guns owned by their parents. Avoiding accidents and making a conscientious decision is always the right choice and our armory offers the right services and also a careful case-by-case analysis to find the solution that suits you best.

A professional gun shop like ours will be able to concretely manage the sale of the weapon for you, carry out an objective assessment, also highlighting any necessary pre-sale maintenance. If it proves essential we can carry out a calibration, or the replacement of old parts that are no longer up to standard or too damaged. In short, we will take care of the sale, allowing you to earn as much as possible from your old weapon, regardless of the reasons that led you to sell or replace it.

The restoration work that can be done on historical weapons is also fascinating, we recommend it if the product has particular value. In this case your weapon – if you are interested in selling it according to law – could be attractive to collectors and our armory will know who to contact, who to offer it to, while also avoiding any independent research.

Management of the sale of used weapons

Our armory is not only specialized in the evaluation of used weapons, but also in the assistance for the definitive termination of them and for this reason it can guarantee you a dedicated management of the whole process. This should not be underestimated as, unlike other work, sports and hobby equipment, weapons cannot be resold freely. By law it is necessary to have an intermediary, the armory, who will provide for the professional and objective evaluation of the weapon and its potential withdrawal, disposal or resale. All these operations must be certified, accompanied by documentation, i.e. by a regular report filed by law enforcement. This step ensures not only the history of the weapon be traceable, but for its serial number to no longer be connected to you.

After a careful evaluation, the armory will be able to offer you various services based on the state of the product and your needs. Let’s see these options in detail:

  • the definitive cessation of the weapon, with collection by the armory which will resell it by paying you in cash or other methods of your choice, though always traceable;
  • the withdrawal of the weapon by offering you an exchange on the purchase of a new model, obviously evaluating any replacements and improvements to be made to the old weapon in order to be able to resell it according to law;
  • the disposal of your weapon if it is not in good condition and it is not convenient to restore it; in this case the weapon can also be useful, according to its condition, for the resale of spare parts and of course the armory will personally think about its definitive cessation according to law.

It is also necessary to focus on the transport of weapons, specifically for those who do not have a regular license to carry them. Let’s assume that you have inherited hunting rifles, but you don’t have the documentation for detention yourself. In this case, our agents will take the weapons from your home and make them safe.