Although a weapon may be precise and finely calibrated, without good quality optics it is practically impossible to accurately capture a target at more than ten meters. Our visual limitations require the assembly and calibration of optics that compensate for the inability to focus on small and distant objects. This is related to the fact that any gun enthusiast knows perfectly well that there are small aiming defects and a subtle difference between observation with the naked eye or with the viewfinder, which can affect the result even if you keep the target for a long time, with free space and fixed location. For this reason, it is not enough to buy high-level optics, you must also optimize them for a seamless performance.

Assembly of weapon optics

For any type of hunting weapon or those intended for sporting activities in the range or in the open field, but also for athletic bows, crossbows and others, we carry out a professional replacement service with instrumental tests of your optics, with new ones that have far superior characteristics. If you are looking for an upgrade or precision attachments with features that may be more compatible with your style and your needs, or if, for example, you have had an unpleasant accident and the viewfinder is damaged, you can take advantage of our assembly and optics calibration service.

Our experience in the field allows us to identify defects and inaccuracies in an extremely thorough way, with military and Olympic-grade precision, perfect for those who engage in the use of weapons for competitive purposes of the highest level and need a tool that works at its best in all conditions, unaffected by the consequences of the athlete’s stress. We scrupulously check the alignment between the shooting trajectory and the actual targeting of the optics, even in the case of digital viewfinders and with night vision or light enhancement for outdoor positions, also carrying out calibrations for a preset distance, for example in case of a competition or with a more dynamic range if your use is for hunting activities or in the open air or in the shooting range.

For open range use we also offer a selection of high-precision suspensions that completely cancel the effect of any vibrations present in the area and therefore allow to safely carry around your weapon and to extract it at the best time without having to make very long sightings if you spot a possible target.

It is very important that the optics of a firearm are aligned and reliable with a high degree of accuracy, because the greater the range, the more serious the deviation will be in the event of an error of even just a few microns at the start. This can be a determining factor for qualifying in a competition. There is also the risk of wasting ammunition if you do not perform a professional and accurate assembly and calibration of the optics. For many activities, this immediately translates into a heavy expense, especially when it comes to ammunition for competitive use, which have particular characteristics of higher than average precision, and with greater cost.

All the sights you need

For each type of weapon we offer a large choice of sights and precision optics with low deviation and anti-glare filters and the possibility of selecting models that are not in our catalog in case you need different performances, with a professional assembly done by qualified and passionate technicians, experts in the use and calibration of all types of weapons. We also offer a choice of latest generation viewfinders intended for sports use that implement digital components and systems to have a clear picture even in poor visibility conditions thanks to systems that amplify and polarize the light, thus making depth contrast more precise even at a considerable distance.

Our personnel will offer you all their expertise even if just for a simple suggestion, if you are looking for particular services. Calibration and assembly of the optics are carried out using very high precision electronic and laser equipment that allow for an accurate evaluation the actual trajectory and the discrepancy between the targeted point and the point reached. The result is therefore guaranteed in every respect and we are also available for firing tests to check if the barrel needs grinding and fine adjustment to work better with your precision sight. This is very important for firearms but even more so for traditional ones, such as composite bow and crossbow, which naturally have many alignment problems and above all more random behavior linked to the characteristics of the athlete who chooses to wield this type of tool.

We offer very high precision professional light sights and the best brands dedicated to this fascinating field of sporting weapons. They can all be accessorized and used even in conditions of high condensation and saturated humidity, without the risk of fogging. The optics are also calibrated by the user and we can guarantee their optimal preparation and restoration of alignment before competitions. All this ensures that the weapon sportsmen are holding is an actual extension of their arm, which they can rely on with confidence.

We install and calibrate the optics for your weapons

To replace, repair or calibrate your optics, write us an email, call us or visit us directly in the laboratory. You will always find our technicians ready for an optimization intervention for every type of ranged weapon, traditional weapons or firearms, with competence and professionalism, very precise estimates and the use of only high-tech spare parts and equipment for each type of weapon.