How to maintain and clean firearms and with which products

Cleaning and handling a firearm is not a simple matter and certainly should not be taken lightly: it is a question of being able to maneuver the tool with safety and awareness, demonstrating that you also know its mechanics, where and how to touch the various pieces and components. The first step is therefore to buy a gun that is of quality, informing yourself well on the characteristics you are looking for, which will clearly depend on the reasons that led you to want to own a gun: hunting, for self-defense, hobby. The life span of your new firearm will entirely depend on your maintenance and cleaning activity. What is meant by maintenance and cleaning of a firearm? How do you go about getting the best results to protect your armory?

A fundamental maintenance activity is the polishing of the weapon; it is therefore necessary to proceed with the polishing of the external part of the gun, using specific oils that can be found on the market: there are oils for light wood, oils suitable for dark wood and even oils suitable for metal materials, or oils for universal use. Polishing the external part of a rifle, a pistol or any weapon is important to lubricate the tool in every component, an activity that will allow preservation of its materials in the best possible way and save them from wear, the accumulation of dust, debris and dirt that can inevitably clog weapons. Important: the polishing and lubrication of your firearm must be carried out even if it is not used, periodically and consistently.

Other key products for the cleaning and maintenance of guns are the specific brushes designed to clean the gas and residues from the rifle barrels; it is a step that should not be underestimated, since cleaning rifle barrels allows for the removal of any lead and copper deposits, plastic residues, carbon and even fumes from the explosion. A well-cleaned gun barrel will also ensure optimal use of your firearm, which will operate accurately and on time with very little margin for error.

For complete cleaning and maintenance of the gun, it is also possible to find felt pads on the market, excellent for cleaning the barrel of any residual particles; there are various types and sizes, so one can choose the quality of felt pad that best suits the caliber of the weapon in question; choke wrenches are also useful for this purpose.

To clean the weapon it is possible to buy cloths made with a special fabric, suitable for any type of surface or material, from burnished steel, to plastic or wood, as well as specific detergents and degreasers. But when should you clean your gun? Firearms simply need to be kept clean and maintained at all times, even if they are not used often. This is because proper maintenance is important for safety, to ensure excellent performance and to ensure that your firearm lasts over time; in fact, modern weapons built with cutting-edge technologies are certainly more resistant than vintage ones, but they can also suffer from wear if subjected to neglect.

Firearms repair: a key step – cleaners and degreasers

A crucial part of the maintenance of your armory is represented by the repair of the tool, by adequate technical assistance and by the replacement of parts and components. It is important to change parts and components if they are old and hypothetically malfunctioning: the presence of old and obsolete parts in your gun can seriously affect its quality. Naturally, it will be necessary to contact only highly qualified personnel, who must be able to offer you technical advice; we must rely on professionals in the sector, not improvisers: we are talking about a delicate and highly technical area. Therefore, when you decide to buy a firearm, it is wise to also look for the possibility of using a fast, constant and punctual consultancy and technical assistance service, which can solve any type of problem.

Technical assistance is also useful to offer services such as sight alignment, calibration for precision weapons, weapon calibration aimed at avoiding the deviation of trajectories, basic steps to preserve the quality of the product. Our armory is of high quality, and features an equipped and state-of-the-art laboratory, therefore we offer these services, being able to count on the attentive labor of those who have cultivated a long experience in the field.