Armored cabinets for weapons

Armored cabinets: everything you need to know

Anyone who owns a rifle or weapon should have a special closet at home in which to store them (along with ammunition), to avoid unpleasant accidents that could have serious consequences, especially when there are small children in the family.
Our rifle guns are the perfect solution for hunters, for those who practice clay or skeet shooting and for anyone who is passionate about weapons and shotguns.
Cabinets should always be of the armored type or provided with shatterproof glass, for your safety and that of your loved ones. As for the materials, on the other hand, it is possible to find safes for weapons made of metal in our catalog. Obviously, it must always be armored cabinets for weapons that provide for a lock (which can be key or with an electronic combination).
The choice of dimensions also offers ample freedom, with elements that can accommodate from one to twenty-two weapons, depending on the needs and the space available.

Armored cabinets

Metal weapons safes are made with a monobloc structure in sheet steel and designed to be inserted directly into the wall.

Fireproof and equipped with a safety lock, these safes are real vaults for any type of weapon and can contain guns or rifles, thus making them inaccessible to family members.

Metal gun cabinets are the ideal solution for those who want to be able to count on spacious furniture to be placed in spaces hidden from the view of guests.

Generally these models are placed in places inaccessible to guests and are the favorite models for those who want to be able to count on robust armored cabinets in which to store hunting rifles or weapons to be used for sporting practices.

Those who want to have a metal element capable of showing itself in all its splendor in their living area will also find steel armored cabinets covered in solid wood or with wood-effect finishes, capable of transforming themselves into authentic jewels of classic furniture.

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