Hunting Clothing, Boots and Shoes

Hunting Clothing, Boots and Shoes

Armeria Palmieri has a great passion for hunting and the outdoors. The shop was founded in 1967 and since then has been offering hunting clothing and all the attachments you need. It has always been a point of reference for the inhabitants of the area, but thanks to the website it is possible to view the variety of products available and buy them with a simple click.
In the collective imagination, the one who goes hunting is dressed in large rubber boots, a jacket with many pockets and a rifle on his shoulder. In reality, in daily practice this is not always the case, even if this clothing may seem somewhat suggestive, a real hunter has professional equipment.
High quality boots that protect the feet in all weather conditions, jackets that certainly have many pockets, but are suitable for the climate that can be encountered when hunting.
In short, a true professional has hunting clothing that is practical and comfortable and suitable for the situation .

Hunting Clothing

Comfort, resistance and high visibility must be the prerogatives of every hunter before buying suitable clothing.
Choosing neutral garments that blend in with the environment is advisable, colors such as green, brown and beige are also the most popular.

You have to start with a simple t-shirt that can be combined with a poly-cotton vest, it is light but at the same time very resistant and certainly there is no shortage of pockets.

To continue, take comfortable trousers, perhaps in the same color as the shirt, the fabric must be technical and waterproofing is essential for the protection of the legs, especially if you have to tackle routes that include waterways.

Very often those who go hunting find themselves in places with unstable temperatures and for this reason you must always have a waterproof jacket with you. Finally, sunglasses are also essential to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays.

Generally  hunting shoes are used in the winter and autumn periods because that is the favorite time for hunters.
Therefore it is important that the feet remain dry and also warm, as in many cases on trails with mud, puddles, snow or ice.

Precisely for this reason it is essential that the shoes chosen are of high quality, which allow the feet to breathe and not sweat.

All the shoes that can be found at the Palmieri Armory are made of leather (or high-strength technical materials, waterproof but breathable, to offer maximum comfort) and are suitable for any situation.

Another advantage is the price and in fact they are very affordable and can be found in different categories.

Finally, we must not forget to consider the laces, usually those used for the boots are made of nylon and will rarely come undone.

It is necessary to tie a good knot, it could be really dangerous to walk with untied shoes on jagged paths.

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