Sale of used weapons

Sale of used weapons

As with any sports equipment, you can choose to focus on new or used. In many cases it is better to opt for a used firearm, with a history of excellent performance, rather than purchasing a new and inadequate one, especially when you are looking for important features that require a good break-in. The important thing is to always turn to a gun shop that can guarantee source safety, optimal characteristics and competitive prices, thanks to an excellent customer base that has allowed us to grow and develop over the years.
Before being put on sale, every second-hand weapon is checked and eventually tested on the shooting range by our staff, an indispensable procedure to certify the quality and conditions for sale. Particular attention is paid to vintage models, which are in great demand by collectors, as well as those with customizations for the shooting range, intended for the sports sector of the disciplines of precision target shooting.
After the purchase, which can be made online, as per standard, it is necessary to collect it from the armory, with regulated packaging, in order to prevent the immediate use of the weapon, with the bullets sold separately and only to subjects with a gun license. Online and with courier delivery, you can, instead, purchase accessory components for your new weapon, such as combats, targets or other and blank cartridges of the caliber you prefer. These will always be sent by insured courier, in compliance with the regulations for this field.

Sale of used weapons online

The used weapons market offers many advantages over that of the new one, starting from an access price for the single product which in many cases is significantly lower than what is possible for a factory model. To push amateurs and enthusiasts, there is also the search for vintage models no longer in production, which however, offer very sought-after specific characteristics, such as precision, reaction and balance, whether you choose to buy a gun for collection, for use in sports, for hunting or for self-defense.

There are historic models, particularly in the short-barreled gun sector, such as semi-automatic pistols, which due to their interesting characteristics have reached very high prices in the collector’s market, which is always very attentive to trends and possibilities. On the other hand, automatic models are not available for sale as they are prohibited in Europe.

Thanks to our long experience in this sector, we are able to recognize the market potential for a used firearm in good or excellent condition and therefore can propose an appropriate price, as well as the right degree of visibility for potential buyers who are very attentive to their own investments and the sources of their purchases.

In the sector of the sale of used firearms , an essential element is the traceability of the origin of the product. For this reason, we guarantee that every single piece, as well as being revised, will also always be equipped with the conformity booklet and the necessary certifications to guarantee you safe use and the total absence of legal disputes related to its serial number.

Rifles and pistols, including vintage and historic types, with little-known calibers, intended for true enthusiasts, are always equipped with the instruction manual and registered with the transaction, to ensure the complete compliance with the laws in force in Italy.

Even traditional sporting weapons, such as used bows and crossbows, are all equipped with a booklet and scrupulously checked in the laboratory by our professional gunsmiths, to ensure safety of use and transport, as well as the possibility of demonstrating the lawfulness of possession.
Before being put back on the market, each weapon goes through a review process of the mechanics and aesthetic conditions, as well as calibration on the bench.

Choosing to make use of an online used weapons sales service can be a habit for a collector who wants to complete a showcase, but also an excellent investment for an enthusiast looking for high-level performance, for self-defense or for sport, with a lower cost than a new piece.

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