Reloading ammunition for pistols and weapons

Reloading ammunition for pistols and weapons

Armeria Palmieri specializes in the sale of reloads, ammunition for pistols and weapons and reloading components for ammunition. We provide not only materials but also key information to properly reload your ammunition. This procedure is not immediate and requires particular attention: precise steps must be followed with meticulousness in order not to fall into error. First of all, it is essential to have visual control and to know the product you are working on.
Knowing the components of a pistol cartridge is important because it allows you to handle ammunition with awareness. Each is made up of cartridge case, bullet, gunpowder and primer. The cartridge case is the container for the other three components, therefore, during reloading, it is essential to check its integrity, making sure that it is not deformed. After having prepared and primed these, it is necessary to weigh the correct quantity of gunpowder, consulting the appropriate reloading tables, and then insert it into the cases.
Each should be subsequently checked to avoid entering a double dose. Manual reloading is certainly the most suitable process for the shooter who wants to assemble ammunition. In this way it is possible to work on short or long weapons, with equipment that allows various combinations and therefore increasingly performing ammunition.
Spent cases as a starting point or virgin cases, even for handloading. What occurs is a reduction in maintenance costs and the optimization of ammunition which can therefore be adapted specifically to your weapons. This results in an overall increase in accuracy. It is essential to buy quality, non-obsolete ammunition refill components.

Reloading ammunition for pistols and weapons

Reloading is certainly the most suitable means for net savings ; however, that’s not the only reason a pistol and weapon ammo refill is worth choosing. A key component is utility, especially for those who train or shoot at the shooting range. By evaluating the costs of the individual components it is possible to obtain a concrete saving; however, the factor considered by both expert and amateur shooters is the possibility of obtaining a final product far superior to that proposed commercially.

The classic cartridges, sold pre-packaged, guarantee perfect functioning, are uniform and customized for the single gun. When choosing to reload ammunition instead, it is clear that there is always a margin of imprecision which however characterizes its intrinsic value. It must not be evaluated as imperfection, but as uniqueness. This means that the final product is far more sensitive to custom features than any other model on the market.

Everyone can decide, based on their own objectives, which characteristics the individual ammunition should have. While constant cartridges will be needed for target shooting, for sports shooting, on the other hand, the parameters will be different, more versatile. The cartridge can be optimized according to the weapon and according to the purpose and the result is more fun. You can choose bullet weight, shape, powder and trigger.

Our pistol ammunition refill service also embraces those shooters who start reloading not for competition or for savings, but only because they have fun while reloading. Reloading cartridges, on the other hand, can be a process much appreciated by those who have a passion for shooting, even at an amateur level. This is due to the fact that it allows you to learn really important ballistics concepts, and then test them directly in the field. In this way the shooter works autonomously and professionally on something that he will then use in the first person. He will analyze the reloading tables, study the powders, check the cases, choose the ideal dosage, up to the final check of the bullets.

Surely the possibility of using your own cartridges, after having put together the pieces and having paid meticulous dedication to checking them, can considerably satisfy enthusiasts. Seeing the result in full awareness of having carefully handled every detail and therefore, in fact, having formed that shot in that precise way is, for those who love guns, a moment of pure excitement.

Customizing your ammunition makes the approach to the weapon totally different, for this reason we offer reloading courses and assistance in the assembly of presses. For recharging you need precise tools that allow you to approach the practice of home recharging. The first element is what, in jargon, is called a press or a manual lever system that allows you to raise and lower the piston of the gun on which the case holder or shell is placed.

Then the steel matrices, the Dies, are needed for the reconditioning of the cases. These are only useful for those who want to reload special cases. The precision scale is used to measure the amount of powder to be inserted and also the weight of the bullet. This way the cartridge will have high accuracy. The kinetic hammer, to be used for beginners but also for experts, allows you to disassemble the finished cartridges safely. Following the tables and values shown is important for safety reasons and the use of reliable material is essential for the correct functioning of the weapon.

For the reloading of ammunition for pistols and weapons it is essential to have the right equipment, the right degree of knowledge and quality products. For this reason it is essential to contact specialists in the sector who can provide not only all the useful elements for reloading ammunition in full autonomy but also detailed information on the products and on the rules to follow to proceed legally by following the relevant legislation and above all in total safety.

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