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Weapons Customization

Aesthetics also has an important part and weapons are no exception. In some cases the changes that are made also affect their operating characteristics.
In our laboratory we dedicate ourselves to interventions of various kinds and, always in compliance with current regulations, modification, personalization and customization of weapons for personal use and for sport shooting.
These are always interventions that improve the characteristics of the weapon without altering the class it belongs to and thus allowing common use in the main sports and hunting arenas.
Gun customization is particularly important for athletes, who, in many cases require a specific adaptation of the weapon in their possession to their ergonomic characteristics for optimized performance.
In this case, each type of intervention is designed to pass every inspection by judges without problems.

Weapons Customization

The cosmetic modification for firearms is especially important for young athletes. For them we create beautiful, very aggressive and evocative patterns and on request also witty artisan colors and themes with truly unique pigmentations to make them look better during competitions.

Each type of intervention is carried out by professional gunsmiths who personally verify that each part of the process fully respects the characteristics of the weapon’s plate with regard to firepower, but who, if desired, can act on all the parameters of free access.

Sight, mechanical response and aim are just some of the customization interventions for weapons, which also allow the transformation of classics into models compatible with special sights for hunting and competition applications.

All modifications can be made directly in the laboratory in a few days, always based on an agreed quote, bearing in mind the availability of the components on the market, the difficulty of the work and the actual improvement in performance, which is required in the case of alignment, for example.

We also carry out the customization of special competition weapons and for special sports disciplines such as bow and crossbow, with the application of thin laminates for decoration and more incisive solutions that favor performance by making the rear sights more visible in particular conditions.

Furthermore, as regards modifications for weapons intended for competitive use, we strictly adhere to the indications of the different companies and to the disciplinary regulations, in such a way as to always be able to pass technical checks necessary to use the modified weapons on the competition field.

Radical changes such as conversion from normal to semi-automatic and from this class to automatic are not possible by law, as well as alterations involving the quantity of shots fired per single trigger pull and the power available for bullets.

Furthermore, interventions against the caliber are not possible, which by law must remain constant, because the various categories are regulated differently from a legislative point of view and the necessary permits.

Finally, the conversion of cap guns into real guns are not possible under any hypothesis, also because due to the different incompatible materials they would almost certainly lead to the breaking of important mechanical details at the first shot and consequently the explosion may lead to a risk of serious injuries to third parties.

Furthermore, it is not possible to customize and modify decorative weapons except from an aesthetic point of view, with the exception of signaling elements such as the red dot and the locking in the barrel, which by law must always remain present.

As for any other type of aesthetic change also regarding airsoft guns and for different interventions such as parade weapons or for historical events, our weapons customization and painting service takes care of every single detail with professionalism and competence, bringing all the changes needed to make your weapon absolutely gorgeous.

In addition, we also offer a special customization service for more exotic weapons such as knives and decorative swords with fine workmanship and engraving, which we entrust to our top notch representatives and collaborators, who have been working in this sector for many years with great success.

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