Blank guns and weapons

Blank guns and weapons

The passion for collectible pistols does not necessarily oblige you to have to buy real models, especially if you do not have a gun license, since in this case the law absolutely prevents you from accessing any type of pistol, even of very small caliber, not to mention the larger ones.
However, if your passion for collection or even simply your need to have an accessory at home that already guarantees safety as a visual impact, here you will find a selection of the best replica models of classic, historic and more modern pistols and blank firearms .
They are objects with bodies made strictly in zamak , a material that lends itself very well to this type of reproduction and offers a level of detail identical to that of steel, but at the same time prevents any type of modification and therefore makes your weapon absolutely safe for transport.

All for Blank guns

Our weapons are absolutely safe and child-proof, unregulated, because they are unable to fire real bullets, unmodifiable and are equipped with mechanics that, while faithfully replicating all movement in some models, are unable to support the pressure and power expected in real weapons.

For the rest, they can also be customized with our special service regarding their aesthetics, adding or changing details upon request and are compatible with all the attachments available for sale for fans of shooting and firearms.

All the guns available in our shop are certified and come with an instruction manual with the safety regulations to be followed for their correct educational use and for personal entertainment.

You can find a selection of every type of blank short barrel firearm, from those with faithful mechanical reproduction to those that work in capsules and are static copies only.

We also have decorative die-cast models available with no moving parts, but with an external detail that is absolutely indistinguishable, except for the mandatory signs by law, from the real ones, perfect to complete the collection of any enthusiast looking for a unique pistol.

The total absence of the need to carry a firearms license and other certificates is a guarantee of safety, because it means that every single blank firearm available in the shop has been previously approved by the Ministries of Health and Defense .

Our blanks can also be used as a great surprise gift for a budding young enthusiast. These are always collector replicas that in Italy do not require special permits to be carried around, as long as it is possible to immediately recognize the mandatory distinctive signs.

You will always find an excellent selection of blank war weapons and historical models of the first and second world wars and replicas of ancient weapons, all with a booklet with interesting and educational information on their history and their popularity.

Furthermore, for blank firearms, there are many branded and high quality attachments such as holsters and shoulder straps, cartridge cases and many others, to make the reconstruction even more authentic and perhaps to create a special showcase for an enthusiast.

On all weapons, aesthetic changes are also possible by our staff, such as engraving of dedications, color change with opaque camouflage paint or special metallization or any other procedure to make a gift to a friend truly unforgettable and special for a loved one or for yourself.

Each faithful replica of a blank pistol has a much lower cost than that of a real weapon and above all offers you the total certainty of having a completely harmless object in your hand .

Our pistols are all extremely rigorous reconstructions, equipped with reproductions of the mechanics, obviously in a version that cannot be used for normal bullets and whose barrel is strictly blocked by the safety tooth inside.

Also from the factory, each replica and blank pistol is slightly modified in size, so that it cannot be adapted to accommodate real firing bullets. Above all, it is equipped with the red dot or cap, which is used to immediately identify a fake weapon as an exclusively decorative and collectible object in case you come into contact with someone.

All blank pistols are compatible with the use of replica bullets that simulate exclusively the blast. They are often called scacciacani (cap guns) , because their effect is to produce a very intense shot, actually a little stronger than a real shot, using special cartridges without a load, that is, exclusively equipped with the detonating powder inside them.

This allows us to recreate the sound effect without exposing the person using the weapon to any risk. It is always a weakened solution, which offers the advantage over the old blank pistol models of having a detonation power limiter and therefore even if the noise produced is very strong, the pressure coming out of the barrel is lower compared to that considered dangerous in case of accidental contact.

In any case, it is always advisable to use blanks with full knowledge of the facts, avoid keeping them close to the ears or head or eyes, without ever pointing them at someone, because even a simple bang can cause an automatic shock response  in particularly sensitive subjects, who may fall to the ground.

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