Shooting targets and templates for dynamic shooting

Shooting targets and templates for dynamic shooting

Sportsmen and shooting ranges always need templates for dynamic shooting and professional shooting targets, both for events and for common training sessions.
Choosing high quality targets and templates is important, because they must comply with extremely important safety characteristics, especially as regards firearms, but not only.
For recreation and recreational use, many shooting target models can be used, but for a higher level of satisfaction and for sports categories, special targets are required, which must comply with the law for this type of category and respect characteristics such as dimensions, visibility of the indicators. and resistance.
We offer you the best silhouettes for dynamic shooting and professional targets.

Shooting targets and templates for dynamic shooting

Our shooting targets are all professional and certified for sporting use in a protected environment must be installed close to a wall or a bunker and are able to tolerate 100% direct impact with a bullet without perforation.

Under this condition they are absolutely safe for any type of recreational or professional application and can be installed in accordance with the law in public and private centers or even purchased by amateurs for their personal use.

Alongside the targets we also offer recovery containers for bullets, because as many professionals in the sector know, when the numbers get big it can be very useful to recover them for recycling.

In addition, we have all the safety equipment available for fixing and supporting shooting targets, even for non-firing weapons such as bows and crossbows that require a different type of fixed target.

The targets for arches and crossbows must have characteristics such as to completely dampen the imposed kinetic energy, which in the case of some instruments is truly remarkable. Suffice it to consider that the bolts pierce the iron armor from side to side without problems so the shooting targets must guarantee excellent performance.

Usually we use targets made of wrapped fiber which can be of natural origin such as pressed straw, or synthetic with different characteristics and above all a greater resistance to wear.

Also very popular are archery targets in foam or high-density gel that better dampen the impact, without jeopardizing the tip and its feathers.

There are many different types of targets: from traditional paper or plastic flying shapes, which can be safely attached to an absorbent surface with a good level of kinetic damping, such as a sand or professional ballistic foam target.

These Dynamic Shooting Templates are used in shooting and training ranges as disposable targets or for short periods, as they are quickly destroyed by shots and become unusable for scoring. These are cardboard boxes of various materials that respect specific ergonomic characteristics and that must offer the right degree of contrast, legibility and above all not produce deviations of the bullet or dangerous splinters.

Then there are the semi-fixed polygon shapes that are formed by an absorbent support and rapid kinetic damping, with high density gel or foam, so as not to have rebound by the bullet and on which the paper or cardboard shapes are fixed.. They are the most popular shooting targets.

It is important that the characteristics of the kinetic energy absorber of the target from the polygon are such as to absolutely prevent any risk of fire, for example in the case of large-caliber pistol bullets that can heat up quite a bit during dissipation from impact or buckshot, without the problem of recoil.

All these targets and templates for dynamic shooting are free for sale and available for both firearms and bows and crossbows, with different themes, scoreboards and dials for competitions and for competitive training.

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