Self-defense spray

Self-defense spray

Self defense is very important and must always be put first; in fact, it is the priority of many people.
Some think that an self-defense spray can only be useful for women to ward off the bad guys, but in reality many men also use it and always carry it with them.
There is a very large section of these products on the market, there are many brands that deal with its production and it must be said that they are all very valid and recommended.
The self-defense spray has many advantages and there are various situations in which it can be used, but it is also true that users ask themselves many questions about it.
Below we will provide detailed answers that will compose a complete panorama of what is an object that still today invites a lot of talk about itself .

Self-defense spray

The panorama of self-defense sprays is really wide and we need to make a basic difference between two products: pepper spray and tear gas. First, they both belong to the category of bollard sprays and many people often confuse the two products. It must be said that the effects are also different in that pepper spray makes the eyes tingle and there is constant tearing, while tear spray causes irritation and itching so much as to prevent the attacker from opening his eyes.

As for the effectiveness, without a doubt, the effect of pepper spray is slightly higher, but neither have lethal effects, you just have to be very careful not to use the product against the wind.

This aspect is very important and before buying an self-defense spray you need to know what possible damage can be done to the other person. First of all it must be said that the subject will begin to feel a throbbing pain in the eyes and also a really annoying itch, for a few minutes attackers may experience  temporary blurred vision that can lead to disorientation, so in this instance you may have time to escape from a possible attack, or call the police.

These are the immediate effects that begin to appear after a few seconds, moreover, if you spray the liquid at the height of the aggressor’s mouth, he will also begin to feel a sensation of bitterness that is quite unbearable and, in fact there are some sprays that can also cause vomiting.
In order to increase the effectiveness of this product, proximity is also important, in fact the closer you are, the faster you will see all the symptoms appear.

All the cans are designed so that a simple spray is very powerful, compared to common dispensers, in fact they reach the face and mouth at the same time. To try to understand how they work and at what distance, we can say that there are some products that are effective even at a distance of 4 meters,. This means that you do not necessarily have to come face to face with the attacker. In moments when you are in danger it is better to keep a few meters of detachment from the aggressor and at the appropriate time use the spray.

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