Diablo, Bullets and Ammo

Diablo, Bullets and Ammo

Many firearm enthusiasts are always looking for replicas for their collection and are not satisfied with simple die-castings, but prefer blank weapons that give the emotion of a truly realistic shot, including recoil, without exposing things and people to any danger.
These collectible pistols are, for some models, absolutely 100% faithful replicas of real weapons but with very small aesthetic and technical changes that prevent their use as defense weapons. For their operation, blank charges are used , which you can find in our store.
Blank ammunition can also be used without a firearm license, as it does not pose a real threat and cannot cause damage to property and people. Blank charges can be purchased freely through our portal and those you will find with us, as well as being compatible with the main weapon models on the market, come from selected sources.
There is also another category introduced in December 1999, to which low offensive capacity weapons belong, more commonly known as free sale weapons. These normally require lead bullets in the shape of a diadol or diablo, or spherical shots made of lead or steel. Lately the TxE Training for Engagement weapons have been added to this category, i.e. weapons with low offensive capacity that can be used for training or for non-lethal defense, that require rubber or plaster balls with a painful, but non-lethal, terminal effect.
For these products we can offer a wide choice of dimensions, weight and quality, at the best prices on the market. The diablo and bullets for shotguns that we offer you are and which guarantee the right effect and no risk to those who are using them , are of the highest quality and selected from the proposals of the best manufacturers of sports attachments.

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