Holsters and accoutrements for long and short guns

Holsters and accoutrements for long and short guns

The laws for the transport of weapons in Italy are extremely strict and require full compliance in order to avoid causing tension and panic when you are in a public environment with potentially very dangerous tools.
There are complex safety reasons that concern for example the fact that a firearm cannot be carried loaded with the shot in the barrel, unless it is a defense port.
This always leads to the desire to choose particular cases, whether they are rigid, semi-rigid or soft.
In any case, the accoutrements for long and short guns must be of a high standard and comply with the requirements of the law.

Holsters and accoutrements for guns

The carrying case must ensure that all enthusiasts can keep their arsenal safely and elegantly.

Leather long and short gun holsters  and those made of antistatic kevlar fiber, which wear well and are easy to fasten, are in great demand.

As for long-barreled guns, the market is more articulated and includes all the more classic holsters and sheaths with finishes in synthetic and hydrophobic material for storing the shotgun during hunting trips.

In fact, it is very important that the weapon, in addition to being perfectly lubricated, overhauled with all mechanical parts well checked, is also stored in special safety cases over the shoulder , which allow freer movement for the hunter in the forest, lowering the risk of accidents related to the jamming of a shotgun carried sideways.

The outdoor holsters are available in many different types, from the gray monochromatic in moisture-proof nylon and polyester fiber, to the classic camouflage solutions, so loved by hunters.

There are models in military camouflage green, black for other purposes, and those for winter hunting in the snow are white to prevent animals from seeing the rifle at rest.

We think of everything necessary for the style of the hunter, from a sporting and outfit point of view, with particular attention to all the attachments for those who often practice this activity and always want to do it at their best.

Our accoutrements and all the holsters in special anti-tear canvas are always made with the highest quality materials and receive technical treatments to absolutely guarantee the absence of the risk of accumulation of humidity or condensation, even in the case of direct rain or contact with stagnant water. as can happen when you are hunting in a wild area.

All the shoulder straps and accoutrements are treated in detail with attachments in Teflon, special polycarbonate, military-grade powder-coated steel and aluminum, everything coordinated and always designed with a view to guaranteeing safety, ease of use and extraction even with hands frozen from the cold during stalking in the winter or in the rain.

Here you will always find a collection of the best accoutrements for sporting and competition  weapons, with a special service regarding customization and personalization, with unique colors, printing logos and embroideries for your team, or to make a an unforgettable gift to an athlete who needs extra encouragement to face the toughest races ahead of him head on.

You will also find accoutrements and quivers for bows, attachments for crossbows, anti-tear straps of military category, in nylon, leather and mixed material at absolutely unmatched prices, all rigorously selected by professionals who know how important the total reliability of an accessory can be during a stroke, hunting or training.

Alongside the classic accoutrements and the shoulder straps for cartridges, the decorative bandoliers and the professional ones according to law intended for use in the open field or in the woods, there are also all the decorative ones, for storage at home and in total safety of the weapons.

They are made of leather in various processes, from the simple smooth, brown, gray or black, to the splendid historiated finishes in very elegant Moroccan leather, especially suitable for those who want to best preserve special and collectible weapons in an armored display cabinet.

As for short-barreled guns, we offer you an excellent choice of shockproof safety containers, made of materials that can also withstand the risk of shooting in the event of an accidental fall, with special closure and all necessary attachments to keep your gun in a locker without any worries.

We also offer you cases for shotguns and long-barreled weapons, with unique decorations and finishes or handcrafted products, made entirely of stained wood and finished inside with a material based on a shock-absorbing gel and satin, so that even the most precious weapons, those with finely worked, polished and stained stock, are completely safe during transport.

In this way you can avoid the need to carry out subsequent interventions to eliminate marks and scratches, therefore they are perfect for gun shows and trade fairs.

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