Compressed Air and Airsoft attachments

Compressed Air and Airsoft attachments

Armeria Palmieri offers a wide range of airsoft attachments , chosen from the best proposals on the market. Our store includes clothing collections and everything needed to allow players to try their best in the discipline.
We have great experience in the field, in fact we have included in the catalog only products of high quality, already tested in the field and with proven characteristics of precision and resistance
We also offer a service on request, so as to fully understand what the customer's most particular requests are, in order to satisfy them through the best solutions available on the market.
We are always available to customers in requesting particular attachments for airsoft , designed for special settings, so as to make this fantastic discipline more and more full of adrenaline, complete and exciting.

Airsoft attachments

Our airsoft  attachments shop also includes reloading for weapons, Co2 and Green Gas. This type of article is not useful for those who use electric airsoft guns or rifles  while it is, however, suitable for most of the airsoft guns on the market.

The Armeria Palmieri store offers the best products in terms of weapon reloads, including:

Green Gas, our green gas reloading is undoubtedly among the best that can be purchased at any sales point specialized in airsoft  This is the type of recharge most used by the most demanding players. Inside the Green Gas cans there is a silicone lubricant, which is a prerequisite for the correct functioning of airsoft gas weapons. In this way, in fact, it is possible to improve one’s performance with each shot fired during the game and extend its duration;

Co2 cans. We are also equipped with the special editions of these particular cans, so as to obtain the best performance. This is due to the material used for the canister, which ensures the preservation of the gas, without polluting it with debris, which, in addition to reducing performance, also ruins the airsoft weapon itself. By choosing this type of refill for rifles and airsoft pistols, you will have the certainty of making any enthusiast of this discipline happy.

If you are looking for airsoft  attachments , then you are in the right place, since at Armeria Palmieri you will find everything you need to make every fan of this discipline breathless.

In case you do not know which is the best accessory, we will always be ready to assist you in suggesting some of our high-end products, answering all your doubts thanks to our staff, who will always be happy to assist you in your purchase.

We offer two types of airsoft shot:

Certified biodegradable pellets, suitable for those who are never satisfied. With this kind of  ammunition the shots will only hit the mark, thanks to the sphericity, guaranteed to the millimeter, and the smoothness of the shot due to perfect polishing;

Perfectly spherical pellets, for enthusiasts who need new pellets for the next challenges that await them. It is important to consider that not all pellets are the same and can perform at maximum levels. This category of pellets is certainly among the best on the market, as they are equipped with perfect polishing, which ensures smooth sliding and 100% sphericity. We have packages with different capacities, so as to satisfy the various needs of all our customers.

In our store, in addition to these two types of shot, you can find other specifics for the various models of airsoft guns.

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